5 proven ways to boost e-commerce sales with SMS Marketing

There’s a lot of competition out there, especially in the eCommerce space. Every day, more and more merchants are setting up online stores to sell to the millions of active users on the internet today.

With the rise in competition, making sales becomes a challenge but with SMS marketing, you’re guaranteed a marketing strategy that allows you to reach customers and close sales faster than ever before.

Text messages have a 98% open rate, unlike email which ranges between 15 – 30%.

Think about it, when was the last time you skipped a text message? When done rightly, SMS marketing can be highly effective in growing your revenue and engaging customers better.

Whether you’re ready to launch your very first SMS marketing campaign or you’re already familiar with the channel, here are some proven tips that would guarantee a surge in your revenue as a merchant.

1. Send automatic cart abandonment reminders

According to SalesCycle, the average cart abandonment rate is 75%. Therefore, you would be losing out on a lot of intending shoppers if no action is taken to get them to complete the sale.

Considering there’s a lot of things fighting for an average consumer’s attention, it important for merchants to send out timely reminders. Some of the best SMS marketing tools allow e-commerce store owners to automate these reminders.

Cart Abandonment SMS reminder
Cart Abandonment SMS reminder

2. Always utilize proper segmentation and tagging

Every customer responds differently to content. A customer who hasn’t purchased any goods in the last two months would react differently to a new stock message than one who just bought an item a few moments ago.

That’s why it is necessary to utilize the right SMS marketing software. This way, you can create custom segments and tags—just like you would with email marketing. You can take average order value, sales cycle, favorite product, age group and many others into consideration when segmenting customers.

3. Engage customers creatively

Everyone buys from businesses they can trust and to build that brand loyalty, you have to be creative and consistent. Engaging customers is a great way to do that as it not only makes them feel heard, but it helps you improve your product or service.

SMS marketing allows merchants to send polls or short surveys and collect opinions about a new product line, post-sales review and anything else that would be of interest to consumers. However, it is important to have an optimized landing page for better conversion if you intend sending that traffic to a website.

Additionally, you can even run giveaway campaigns and gamify the whole experience like in the image below.

SMS Customer Engagement Campaign
SMS Customer Engagement Campaign

4. Go straight to the point with clear CTAs (call-to-action)

It’s a text message and not an email, so limit your characters to not more than 150. You can use emojis to make it more personalized but always ensure your message is written in simple, clear and understandable words.

Many successful merchants also ensure there a vivid call-to-action at the beginning or end of the text. CTAs are meant to excite your customers and motivate them to take action. For example, give customers an avenue to join an exclusive VIP list, take advantage of limited promotions or confirm purchases as a way to move along your conversion funnel.

A quick tip would be to avoid clichéd CTAs such as “Sign up now”, “Join Us” etc.

Simple Call-to-Action Example
Simple Call-to-Action Example

5. Be strategic with your sending times

Don’t just spam your customer’s inbox just because statistics say they’d most likely open anyways. Be strategic with your timing when setting up an automated SMS marketing campaign.

Avoid sending messages at random times such as in the middle of the night or peak work hours. This might irritate your customers and cause them to opt-out. Instead, research and test times that your audience would most likely be active and responsive—typically between 4 pm – 7 pm.

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