Why you should choose SMS Marketing to boost sales during COVID-19

This year has been quite a rollercoaster with the COVID-19 pandemic influencing how we live our lives. Today, a lot of business owners are being “forced” to explore different ways to stay afloat and connect with their customers.

With uncertainty continuing to loom, for online stores, it is important to ensure a constant connection with your customers—answering all their questions, communicating your business’s availability, offering support­—and ultimately, boosting sales.

SMS marketing would make all the difference for merchants as people are spending more time with their phones. According to Gartner, while emails have a 20% open rate, SMS messages are peaking at 98%, meaning you’re guaranteed better open and click rates with text messaging.

This statistic makes it easy to conclude that SMS campaigns are the best ways to not only connect with your customers but make more sales during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some reasons why you should consider implementing an SMS campaign into your online sales strategy:

Instant Delivery

One major benefit of SMS marketing during the coronavirus pandemic is its high open rate when compared to emails. SMS is a very fast and efficient communication channel and it is delivered almost instantly. Not only are your messages guaranteed to delivery—unlike emails where it could end up in the junk box—research shows that 98% of texts sent to customers are read within the first 5 minutes of being received. While email marketing is still relevant in eCommerce, you’d agree that some, if not most, “promotional” emails get ignored.

Quick Execution

SMS marketing requires very little time to set up and execute, unlike emails and other forms of digital marketing. With an automated SMS tool, launching a campaign is as easy as a few clicks and this allows you to focus on other parts of the business, while still automating your sales process.

Flexible and Customizable

Another advantage of SMS marketing is its ability to easily adapt to different audiences and business scenarios.

Organizations are now discovering both practical and creative ways of using SMS during this COVID-19 pandemic. Stores are communicating discounts, promotions and offers via text message, while others are using SMS to build a stronger personal connection with their audience.

With SMS marketing, you can edit, combine and match instant messages to fit various campaigns to help you boost your sales.

Mobile Friendly

What’s more mobile-friendly than a text message? Nowadays, it is imperative for every marketing campaigns to be mobile-friendly as people use their mobile phones a lot more than their laptops or PCs. Additionally, there are still those who have limited access to the internet and with SMS campaigns, you can still effectively target this audience at the same time.

Direct and Concise

SMS is limited to just 160 characters and with multiple contents struggling for users’ attention these days, keep it short and simple is typically the best.

SMS marketing usually promotes succinct messages that make it easy for your customers to read and respond, rather than a very busy campaign.

Better Customer Engagement

There are very few marketing channels that offer effective 2-way communication like SMS. With SMS, merchants can keep their customers frequently engaged through a series of drip messages. This way, you can create better top of mind awareness for your business.

Unlike email which has an 8% response rate, SMS holds a strong 45% as it makes it easy for customers to connect with merchants and vice versa.


Generally, SMS marketing is considered to be one of the most pocket-friendly marketing channels and with a much higher ROI compared to emails and other media.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting budgeting and restructuring businesses, SMS campaigns are a much cheaper option to explore. If done rightly, you’re guaranteed an exponential growth in sales revenue.

Compliments Other Marketing Channels

Now, while SMS marketing is great, it can be combined with other channels to gain maximum results. Ecommerce store owners can use SMS campaigns in conjunction with other channels to ensure further reinforcement of their message, improve open rates and click rates.

For example, a short SMS reminder saying, “Hi John, we sent a coupon to your email. You should check it before it expires.”

This demonstrates the ability of text messaging to boost other marketing channels and allows merchants reach out to a wider demographic. Demonstrating the ability of SMS to boost other forms of marketing and reach a wider demographic.

Ultimately, SMS campaigns can be leveraged on during COVID – 19 to increase business activity and communicate better with your customers.

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